We love science - but it hasn't been used at its best potential in our industry.

Traditional apparel + manufacturing are just not our thing. 'Greenwashing' by using deceptive labeling or buzzwords such as "sustainable" or "green" is not cool. Hiding behind “corporate accountability” reports is weak.

Looking good + feeling great should not be toxic + doing good should not be expensive.

New paradigm.

It is time to use smart science + technology in harmony with nature, not to destroy it.

We share the vision for a material revolution: more circular + imaginative + innovative design that solves existing problems + does not create new ones. We empower the community of conscious catalysts + collaborate with leading scientists + material innovators + organizations + brands. We are building a cutting-edge business that emulates winning propositions + uses new tech (e.g., ioT, blockchain) to ensure transparency + accountability in our supply chain.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on having a curious mindset.

Three things that matter to us.

A Better World

No matter who you are or how you define yourself, our threads are engineered for your life: all people + all genders + all bodies. 


A Better Product

We use the latest developments in design + manufacturing technology to create exceptional products at affordable prices.

A Better Process

Textile industry is one of the world's leading polluters - we are out to change that: less water + energy + soil erosion + waste.

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