We are a next gen lifestyle brand, starting in apparel. We aim at setting a new standard for discerning style + positive impact.

Founded on the promise of driving change in the fashion/lifestyle industry, we create stylish + superior products that cause no unnecessary harm to the planet and people - without the retail markup. We use smart science to optimize modern essentials.

All of our products are engineered to be lived in, not just worn.

What do you solve for?

We believe fashion - and our lifestyles - have become uncool.

Some of the major issues are: (i) clothing is massively underutilized - and fibers & yarns have too short of a life cycle (hardly reused, re-purposed, recycled), (ii) the most frequently used materials create huge issues at their end of life, i.e., staggering growth of waste landfills and huge amounts of marine plastic trash (petroleum-based material does not decompose in next 150+ years), (iii) extensive waste and pollution of our natural resources (water, air, soil), plus lack of social responsibility in the entire process, and (iv) science is not being leverage at its best potential

Few brands allow conscious consumers to look, feel and do good, i.e., stylish brands cause lots of unnecessary harm while most sustainable brands are too 'granola'. This is where we come in.

    What’s this positive impact? How are you different from other apparel brands?

    Big name technical & performance apparel brands (not to speak of fast fashion) use mostly petroleum-based fabrics that create huge issues when ending up in landfills or oceans. That is oil wasted.

    We aim at using materials with a safer end-of-life and enhance them smartly to extend their life cycle. Please note that while we have used some petroleum-based fibers in our beta collection to optimize for durability and performance, we are going to phase them in our next products drops (unless demanded by our consumers and absolutely necessary, e.g., small amount of stretch or recycled synthetics for outwerwear).

    In addition, big name brands too often use outdated manufacturing practices wasting water, polluting our water ways and air, and treating their workers unfairly.

    Our partners use state of the art facilities that create much less issues (e.g., save 1.71 gallons of H2O for every tee we produced for our beta collection) and pay human wages to their workers.

    Last but not least, our products are affordable because living more consciously does need to be expensive. We want to be part of the small but growing community of brands who are emerging as the new change agents in our challenging times.

    What makes your approach any different?

    Besides looking and feeling great? Science. We love science when used to solve problems.

    We have spent over a year on R&D to create our highly engineered beta collection that looks and feels great, is more durable and performs better, and protects the environment (including the first tee shirt ever guaranteed for life). Each garment is made with superior natural fibers where we integrated innovative technologies like silver ions (for odor) and fluorocarbon polymers (for stain resistance) to name a few. Plus, our manufacturing process uses up to 75% less water in select phases vs. traditional brands.

    What do you mean “guaranteed for life”? It’s a tee shirt.

    You’re damn right it’s a tee shirt. By “guaranteed for life” we mean Guaranteed. For. Life.

    Our Galileo Tee is so technologically advanced with natural fibers + integrated enhancements we know it will last a lifetime. If it tears, wears down, or falls anywhere short of that just call us + we’ll send you a new one. All of our textiles are trademarked for a reason.

    How can I learn more about your textiles?

    We like to be transparent. Find out more about all of our trademark textiles and enhancements on our “Story” and product pages.

    Do you offer non-binary mean items?

    We believe shopping should be freeing, not discriminatory.

    For hundreds of years, big brands have divided everyone into binary genders - male + female. Why should we follow standards set by companies who dressed people in heavy wool + corsets? Why should we limit anyone to a box when we intend to build a company based on thinking outside of one?

    Just as we refuse to use antique manufacturing methods that waste water and cause pollution, so too do we refuse to settle for outdated templates of identity. As a result, some of our beta products are non-binary, i.e., consider those who do not identify along old fashioned black and white concepts of gender. In the future, we will create much more non-binary styles. It’s part of our commitment to making a better, more inhabitable planet for everyone.

    Are you going to make anything besides the current collection soon?

    You bet. We launched with our edition one products to test the items with our community - and learn. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    We are currently working on new products that are even more inclusive, more sophisticated, more positive. Keep an eye out for our drops coming soon.

    I’m down for the cause. How can I support or get more info?

    We are glad to hear it! We hoped you’d be into this.

    Make sure you stay in touch by subscribing to our “list for change” so we can send you updates. Start a conversation with us on social media and let’s get people talking.

    Where are you located?

    We are mostly digital and on the move, but we do have a space we work out from. Find us in 10 E 34th St,7th Fl New York, NY 10016

    Come by any time to check out our products, for a free fitting or style consultation. You may see our team members wearing our 4-day-old Science Cashmere.

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